Teacher of the Month

LaKeisha Williams

Lakeisha Williams

8th grade Language Arts teacher LaKeisha Williams fell in love with teaching in high school when she developed a special bond with her AP English Teacher.

“I had always done well in English, but she pushed me to be ​even better,” said LaKeisha. “Because of her, I became a better writer and ​learned to really love the subject. In many ways, it changed my life and it continues to affect every aspect of who I am as a teacher.”

She graduated from LSU with a mission to inspire and she’s been doing that for the past four years right here at University View Academy.

LaKeisha takes no breaks from a career she has practiced for nine years. “During summer school, my goal is to help students get the basics and hopefully, add my own regular school year ‘unicorn’ flair to it. This summer, I was thrilled to have a few students surpass the goals we set at the beginning of the summer.”

It is moments like these that often remind LaKeisha why teaching will always be her passion.“ The biggest joy I get out of teaching is ​sharing in ​the moment when a student sees the world in a different way,” she said. “When I hear those sentiments from one of my own students, I know I'm doing what I was called to do.​ Playing a part like that in a child's life is astounding.”​

In her private time, LaKeisha enjoys what else: freelance writing!