Parent Advocates as Resources:

Angela Grant
​Elementary and Middle School

Tiffany Turner

​Sherri Stephens
​Middle and High School

How much time is invested each day?

It depends on the grade level and the student. Our program caters to the students' needs since they can progress at their own pace. Self-motivated middle and high school students can move a lot faster than elementary students, who require a lot more supervision. It also depends on a student's ability time-wise. If a student works continuously, they can usually finish a school day in about 4 to 6 hours. The state requirement is 6 hours in class but exploratory play, reading books, outside time and educational games are all considered part of the school day. If a student completes lessons on the day planner in less than 6 hours, they'll still log the 6 hours since they've completed an entire school day worth of work. 

What is my role as learning coach?

The younger the student, the more involved the learning coach is. You are the facilitator, not the teacher. You are the liaison between the student and teacher. Middle and high school students become more independent and start to build a rapport with teachers and call on them when they need additional help. As learning coach, you'll be more involved than ever in your child's education no matter their grade level. You'll communicate with teachers on a regular basis, log attendance and review the grade book.

What type of support do we get from the school? 

We offer in-person on-boarding sessions, communication with teachers and administrators at the school via phone, interactive-lessons and email.

Are there opportunities for social interaction?

Yes. University View Academy has divided the state into 5 regions and a field trip of educational and social significance is offered each month in each region so families don't have to travel as far. However, everyone is invited to any field trip that is scheduled. You will be notified of field trips by monthly newsletter.

Is there a graduation ceremony? 

Yes. There is a ceremony for kindergarten and graduating seniors. Venue changes are done each year to offer families less travel time. These are traditional ceremonies, complete with cap and gown, family and friends.

How much does the school cost?

There is no cost. University View Academy is a free, public online charter school. We provide the curriculum and a loaned laptop computer to use while students are with us. All materials are sent to your home address.

Both of us have to work, can our kids be successful?

This program works best with a learning coach at home to oversee and monitor a student's progress. It is essential for elementary-aged students to have an adult to facilitate learning and supervision.

What is the school grade or performance score?

University View Academy is graded by the State Department of Education as a C. Our goal is to be an A-rated school and we are continuously working to reach that score.

​Do students qualify for TOPS and other scholarships?

Yes. Counselors also provide students with multiple scholarship opportunities in-state and out of state.