Early College High School

University View Early College Program

Earn a tuition-free degree transferable to Louisiana 4-year universities

Students enrolling in the Early College can graduate with an Associates of Arts in Humanities or an Associates of Science in Biological Sciences. All courses articulate to Louisiana public colleges and reduce the student's time pursuing a Bachelor's Degree. Once enrolled in the program, the college and career counselor will work with individual students to select the most appropriate degree that fits with the student's intended bachelor program of study. For information on articulated credits between colleges, please visit the Louisiana Board of Regents website by clicking here

Students enrolled in this program will typically pursue the TOPS University High School Diploma. However, students who wish to enroll in University View Early College and pursue the TOPS Tech JumpStart Diploma are able to enroll and pursue a Technical Diploma or local community college's specific Associates program. 
The purpose of University View Early College is to promote individual student choice, success, and academic rigor. A typical schedule allows for students to enroll in dual enrollment courses in the following year:

9th- 3 hours of college credit
10th- 3 to 9 hours of college credit
11th- 18- 24 hours of college credit
12th- 15-21 hours of college credit

All students graduate with a minimum of 24 Carnegie Units and 60 college credit hours. Within each year, Early College students are eligible to pursue the Community Service Diploma Endorsement. Students wishing to graduate with the Community Service Diploma Endorsement will have volunteer opportunities built into their high school course schedule to meet the requirements for the endorsement. 

A key requirement for enrolling in the Early College is appropriate placement scores in English and Math. Students are required to take the ACT and/or the Accuplacer prior to the student's junior year. University View Academy will work with students to coordinate testing session and provide a minimum of 2 testing sessions per student. 

Students wishing to enroll in Early College must complete the student/parent/school compact each year which outlines annual expectations for the program and publishes important college deadlines. Failure to submit the compact annually jeopardizes the student's participation in the program.

Classes on college campus or online

Beginning in a student's junior year or at age 16, the student can elect to enroll full-time at the local community college within the student's geographical region. Students must attend class regularly. Excessive absences from college campus courses will result in the immediate withdrawal from the program. Students who wish to continue enrolling from home are eligible to do so.

Flexibility in Associates Degree

Students work directly with University View Academy guidance staff to select a program that meets individual student needs. Beginning in a student's junior year, course selection can be customized accordingly. Technical Diplomas are also an option for students seeking post-secondary employment in a technical field.